Sheep Hug You Lampang is very cold ฮักยู ลำปางหนาวมาก

The late start of the rainy season in the north, cold air, fog covered it indicates cold air from entering. When you arrive from Bangkok. Lampang province or country must be past it. Phahonyothin road early. The Lampang – Thailand Tel Aviv. You will find sheep next to the road is a sheep or a sheep Hug The Hug You – Lampang is located at 342 Moo 2 cold Kauai District, Lampang Province, Phaholyothin Road. Lampang – Franklin invent the gods. Is 682 Km away from Wat Phra That Lampang Luang. The attraction of the new province of Lampang. Only 15 kilometers away from the town of Lampang sheep decorated lovely and beautiful place for tourists to have a pretty nice shooting game. Our featured a large banner with pink writing that phrase hit Lampang is very cold and is featured in many farms. I have seen dozens of cars lined the side of the car park.

And many of you have heard that word come from? Lampang is very cold. It is very cold. This name is already familiar. When I try to feel the atmosphere of the Lampang is very cold or something. When you arrive, you will know the answer to that Lampang is very cold.

And for travelers who passed through Lampang travel by car. If you choose the path through the Islands District. Do not forget to buy milk products from sheep or other trustees to go with. As well as the appreciation and take photos with the fluffy sheep and lamb feeding. Contact with the atmosphere. “Lampang is very cold” as well as the outside.

It will be fun to feed the sheep and shoot it. A zone of stores that mainly sell products from sheep’s milk as an ingredient, such as drinks made ​​from sheep’s milk flavor hot delicious cookies, milk, sheep milk ice cream lamb zones sale of souvenirs such as shirts, postcards Mac with a sheep for me. who want to buy souvenirs is also seeking to buy a few cars together.

Love the sheep – Lampang is very cold, new attractions are the trendy design of this outstanding novel by sheep fed the sheep on the hill. The decoration is beautiful. The traveler can visit to buy hay for the sheep by hand into each bundle. To enter. The fluffy pet sheep to beef up the same way.

Hug You Lampang sheep farm is open to visitors. Monday – Friday from 8:30 to 19:00 am and Saturday – Sunday: 08:00 to 19:00 am for the lost sheep, feed my sheep worth $ 20 incl.

Visiting the sheep Hug you.

Need to travel by private car only. No buses run through.

Of London.

New York Giants of the separate 5-digit KB. The line to the island – Bangkok The route is approximately 15 kilometers to the city I love seeing signs that the road to the left. Prior to sheep 1 km to the signposted left to slow down at all. The farm is located on a road just uphill. And if the car has a car park.

From Bangkok.

If traveling from the city. Drive straight path. Lampang – Chiang Mai The main road into the district, Lampang on Kauai, then cross the bridge over the river. KB Home will notice another side that says 23 miles to Downtown District, close to U-Turn the car on the right turn on to see a giant sheep farm with sheep Doll approximately 4 meters in front of me this winter to Lampang. much.

Wittaya yapieng Lampang.

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