Baan lhuk village of Carving

Baan lhuk Lampang.

I got the set home kitchen Na Tha Muang District, Lampang.
Contact Community Development District, Lampang Province Tel. 0-5428-9185.
Featured famous for its carvings and products of wood and vines.
Wood carving at the Luxor.
Baan lhuk to the famous carving village of Lampang. It is not yet known. The house is now a village carved out a reputation for
carving and wood products and Vine District, Lampang Province, and in 2535, the group carved up the 40 group members
have a total of 518 people from the village. three village houses, including the rise among the six, I got the goats, pigs,
household debt rose to 11 and 12, the classification of wood carvings that were used. ฉmฉa tree (mimosa), vines and wood.
This is a finely carved out a piece so beautiful and durable. Both are used, such as cabinets, chairs,
tables, or as decoration at home, too. Wooden animals. Wood carving patterns on the wall. And many different designs. By occupation
he will carved at the head of each group for each of the products from the customer’s orders. And distributed to members.
And quality control. This product is part of the traders come to sell both at home and abroad.

o stand for the home.
o Museum of Antiquities houses the temple stood. (Hall of the Raven trilogy spin k).
o King Ku Na Yang.
o fading channel.
o different postures carved wood.
o Doi Pha cement.

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