History Toong ( Lanna Thai flag )

History Toong ( Lanna Thai flag )

The bulge in the Lanna Thai flag in the middle.
The appearance of the Puerto ฏa of India is a schematic material. Mounted on the end of a pole. The room was long ago. There are many materials used to make it spin like zinc, brass, wood, cloth, paper, leaves, etc..
Tung is intended for use in religious ceremonies. The ceremony and misfortune in various sizes, shapes and details of the materials vary according to the beliefs and rituals. As well as in each district with
The purpose of the Forum is made Tung.
– Dedicated to the celebration. Establish himself and passed away. It was saved from the fate and heaven -.
Decorate religious objects, religious celebration such as the Royal strands.
– To exorcise. Rapid treatment of various defusing a threat to put an end to the belief that the IMP. God or sin.
– Used in black magic. Tmesnehs sacred spirit
– Used in the rituals and festivities such as prayers for the ceremony of his destiny, the four towers. Please use tuff under the fair Songkran ceremony

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