Sri chum Temple Burmese style

Sri chum Temple
Location : Thipwan road Suan Dok sub-district Muang Lampang district
Sri chum temple was built by the rich from Burma This temple is the largest Burmese
Style temple of 31 Burmese style temples
In Thailand. The interesting part of the temple is Wihan having multi-tiered roof
Called “Yong Wi chong” in Burmese
Language. Inside Wihan houses a Buddha image in Burmese style. In addition there is Bot hall built of brick and cement in square shape with the reduced size of angles and elaborately decorated with the gold and  mirrors. Behind Bot is pagoda keeping Buddha relics inside.


Ubosot  :  Ordination hall

Wat Sri Chum is referred to as Nyaung Wine Khuang in Burmese as nyaung means banyan, and in Thai Sri Chum implies “bodhi tree’. It has been declared a national treasure by Thailand’s department of Fine Arts.

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